College Fest


Whenever we hear the word ‘fest’, we engross ourselves into the thoughts of attractive lights, irresistible music, DJs, and also savoring foods. We tend to incline our ideas towards massive crowd, competitions, and cultural diversities which certainly gift us with a huge package of memories. Interacting with different people, trying to understand their ideologies and working with them is the crux of every college fest, which in turn adds spice to our experience. But this is not the only yield of a fest. We can learn plenty of other things while immersing ourselves into College Fest activities such as: 

College fest is an annual cultural event at a college or university organized by the student community with the support of their Faculties, Principal and Management. Cultural means involving or concerning the arts with a deep sense of humor which is also a part of Cultural heritage. It involves participants from other colleges as well, so it’s also termed as inter collegiate Fest. Numbers of competitions are organized for students. Professional artist are also invited as guest or may be as judge so as to encourage more number of students to be a part of the Fest. Fests are usually funded through sponsors.

Every student should experience being a part of College Fest at least once during the course of their undergraduate studies. And here in Anna Leela College we give equal opportunity to all the students to be a part of our Inter Collegiate Fest “VISMAYA”.

 Vismaya in still originality and individuality. Every student has their own areas of interest and accordingly they are assigned task. We believe in promoting creative ideas and a platform for students,to share their knowledge through Vismaya. The only aim is to motivate the students to think innovatively and to implement their ideas through the channel know as College Fest.The events which are conducted in Vismaya can be broadly classified into the following sections: 

Performing Arts

Performing Art gives opportunity to students to showcase their Art by using their voices, bodies or any non-living objects to convey their creativity and expressions. The events which are organized under performing Arts are Dance, Singing, Mime, Mimicry, Beat boxing & Fashion show.

Fine Arts

Fine Art is also termed as Creative Arts Where the participants are appreciated for their creative, imaginative or intellectual content. Under Fine Arts Students gets opportunity to participate in Mehendi, Rangoli, Nail Art, Poster Making, Cartooning, Sketching, Salad Dressing,& Best out of Waste.

Literary Arts

Literature connects individuals with ideas and truths in the society. It creates a way for the students to put down their thoughts and experiences in writing or in verbal, which can be accessible to others. Students can place their ideas under the events like Elocution, Story Writing, Story Telling, Quiz etc.

Computer Events & Gaming

Participants get a chance to test their programming knowledge& sill under the events such as Debugging and Coding. Students can also participate to portray their gaming skills under Gaming competition including PubG.

Management Events

Management events focus on Team work. Students are appreciated for their team spirit, managing time, team building strategies etc. The events under this category are Treasure hunt, Business Day, Ad Mad Show & Super Minute

Mass Media Events

These events are organized largely by keeping media in Mind. Participants are appreciated for their skills of gaining public attention.  The events under this category are Radio Jockey & Photography.  

Sports Events

Sports offer incredible benefits to students. It can be in terms of their health or can be mental development.  The Events organised under this category are carom, chess, Box Cricket, Ring football etc.

The organizer of College Cultural Fest experiences a wide variety of emotions from despair to joyful highs. The success of College Fest tests the organizational and leadership abilities of all the folks involved in it.  Many vital lessons on time management and as well as lessons on people management are learned and taught quickly so as to make the Festival a success. However college festivals are about enjoying your-self, living in the moment, and gathering experiences that will endure long even after college days.