Musical chair

Musical chairs is a game that children play at parties. They run round a row of chairs while music plays and try to sit down on one when the music stops. 

There is no better game than musical chairs to get kids flexing their listening and social and problem-solving skills. A popular birthday party game for kids, it’s also a fun play idea for playdates, scout troops or other get-togethers involving kids. Musical chairs is also a fun idea for grown-up parties to get everyone up, moving, and having fun.

The more players and chairs involved, the longer the game will take. The number of players is only limited by the number of chairs you have handy!

How to Set Up Musical Chairs:

How to Play Musical Chairs:

Tip: Let kids build social skills by navigating sticky situations like what to do when two people try to sit on the same chair. Learning to create and enforce rules is one of the great things kids learn by playing games like musical chairs!

Fun Twists on Classic Musical Chairs Game: For little kids, put out pieces of paper instead of chairs. The kids have to be sitting criss-cross applesauce on the paper when the music stops. Having a pool party or birthday bash at a waterpark? Musical beach towels is a fun summer twist on musical chairs.