Oreo Cheesecake

Oreo cheesecake is another great option for whipping up a last-minute birthday cake in a hurry. There’s no cooking involved, and you can have it ready in about 15 minutes.  All you’ll need are some Oreos, butter, cream cheese, sugar, vanilla, and Cool Whip. I wanted to update this homemade no-bake cheesecake recipe to use heavy whipping cream instead of whipped topping. I know that whipped topping isn’t available everywhere and I’ve had several questions about alternatives. I think it’s safe to say you all love Oreos and cheesecake just as much as I do! One reason I wanted to update this post is because I wanted to breathe some new life into it and also update the recipe just a little bit.  If you plan to top this no-bake Oreo dessert with even more Oreos, I suggest buying a family pack so that you have enough. You’ll need 45 Oreos for this recipe and the family size packs have 48 cookie sandwiches in them.