Traditional Dress of West Bengal

The state of West Bengal is synonymous with a rich cultural heritage that reflects in its literature, cuisine, music, painting and much more. Bengal’s sartorial legacy derives from the royal patronage and the nobility that valued the richness of traditional techniques of weaving, embroidery and stitching. This legacy is the common heritage of both present-day West Bengal and Bangladesh where these traditional methods of curating beautiful weaves exist in curious harmony with the modern-day synonymity of the ‘fashionable’ with the western-wear. Presenting below are some of the traditional dresses of West Bengal that would top the list of every collector and fashion enthusiasts. No image of Bengali women is complete without the six-yards of elegance that defines Bengali saree. A host of traditional techniques practised on pure cotton and silk, authentic motifs and drapes of the Bengali saris spell unique charm, sensuousness and allure at the same time. Below are some of the choicest types of Bengali sarees that one just cannot give a miss. Deriving their name from the loom on which they are woven, Tant sarees are extremely popular in Bengal. Capable of being draped effortlessly and extremely lightweight, Tant sarees are ideal for the hot and humid climate of Bengal. They are traditionally woven with motifs of paisleys and flowers and carry a thick coloured border. They are an epitome of Bengali handloom culture and perfect for daily wear.